We're In This Together

This year has been a collection of shared experiences -- from the pandemic to learning to how Zoom, to racial justice demonstrations, riding out storms and figuring out how to navigate holidays, it's been a lot. We've also seen the impact is simple deeds such as helping someone mute themselves, or staying six-feet away from the person in front of you at the checkout line. Sure, we've each experienced this year in our own unique ways, there is a lot of comfort knowing that everyone is in it together.

Unity is important.

In the real world, it helps build stronger communities. On the basketball team, being united wins championships.

Back in 2009 the Boston Celtics actually took the title after embracing the concept of ubuntu into their team. The philosophy of ubuntu was born from the Zulu people in Southern Africa, and basically means "I am, because you are." It's a concept of unity that requires everyone in a village, tribe, or a team to come together to help one another in pursuit of a common goal. Everyone builds each other up -- it's all about the collective.

The Celtics embraced this concept, and worked in unison to beat their rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers. And they aren't alone in using unity to win. Almost every great team you can think of, from the Golden State Warriors and the Miami Heat -- they always do better when the teams works as one.

For the month of November, our word is "others," and in honor of that we want everyone on the team to embrace the ubuntu mindset and work to meet the needs of your team and your community.

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