Trust the Process and Focus on the Prize

Have you ever heard of the “law of attraction?”

It basically means you get what you focus on.

If you put good into the world, and think positive, then that’s what is going to come back to you.

Now, this isn’t a magic trick, and won’t prevent you from experiencing highs and lows. But it will help you bounce back quicker when things don’t go your way.

Meaning your thoughts influence your behavior. If you think positive, and stop yourself from doubting your own abilities, you’re more likely to play better.

Those moments of frustration you feel towards teammates when you secretly think “Why can’t they just learn to play better, they’re going to lose it for us!”

Yeah, that counts as negativity.

When you blame others, instead of encouraging them, when you roll your eyes at a ref for a bad call, or when you think you’re just not good enough, that’s negative.

Those thoughts aren’t helping you perform better.

This week make sure to take a moment to remind yourself of how hard you and your teammates work – and put positive vibes out.

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