Think of Others, Rest Will Follow

Every morning you wake up with a list of tasks that you need to finish. Throughout your day you’re going through your check list and thinking of the next thing… all the while you’re doing your best to be engaged with everyone around you.

It’s not an easy task.

And every now and then we all drop the ball on being mindful of other people.

One way to become more mindful of those around you is to focus on one task at a time. You can’t do two things at a time, and do them both effectively. So pick a task and stick with it. This means opening one tab at a time when you’re online. Not using your phone when you’re watching TV or on the computer. And not using your phone during a conversation.

Being mindful of others is simply about being aware and paying attention to what’s around you. When you focus on one task, you’re in the moment. You’re full present for everything that’s happening around you.

This practice will help you when playing basketball.

That’s because if there is any time you need to be aware of what’s happening in a moment, and to be able to respond quickly, it’s when you’re in the game. Becoming more mindful of your surroundings and the people around you will help you bond with your teammates and help you focus on the game properly.

There is a reason legendary coach Phil Jackson pushed mindfulness on their players… it’s because it works.

Go ahead try it.

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