Don't Let Stress Block Your Goals

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Getting up early for practice isn’t always easy, but you always get yourself out of bed and go.

But on your way  to practice, your mind if racing.

You have that assignment due, a few unread texts, family obligations, and … that assignment, or was it a test?

Stress tends to find a way to trickle into outlives.

Making stress management is critical tool for all athletes. A foggy mind can lead to a loss of focus during a game, and poor performance. Forget about giving up a few points, being stressed can cause injury -- which will have you sitting on the bench.


If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed remember that you’re not alone.

About 35 percent of teens report lying awake at night worrying, 26 percent overeating and 23 percent skip meals because they’re stressed out, according to Psycom.

Stress can make you angry, feel nervous or anxious. Some day it'll get you tired, make it hard to pay attention.

So how do you combat this?

The American Physiological Association has a few pointers:

Start by moving your body. You already play basketball, so heading to the gym to shoot some free throws may help you relax. If getting out is not an option, run in place, or do some yoga at home. Even cleaning your room will help. Moving your body does wonders for your mental health.

Get some sleep. Ideally, teens should get about nine hours of sleep a night. In reality, most get around seven-and-a-half hours of sleep on school nights. Sleep is critical for good physical and emotional health. Get yourself in a good sleep routine to help yourself go get to bed and stay asleep.  That means going to bed around the same time every night, cutting back on phone time before bed, and not drinking caffeine close to bedtime.

Balance. School work will always comes first – that’s a given. But you need balance in your life. Make time every week to have fun. Listen to music, go play a sport, or cook. Find a hobby to engage yourself in – and take part in these

Talk about it. Your parents, coaches and other adults in your life are all here for you. Talk to them about whatever is bothering you and come up with solutions together. And if you need to see a therapist – someone who is trained to help you deal with stress – then that’s a great option as well.

No matter what’s stressing you out, remember that it will pass. It’s OK to take breaks, and focus on your own needs. Your well being matters.

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