Sports Injuries Can Be Avoided

Athletes get hurt sometimes - it happens to the best of them.

However, the good news is a majority of the 3.5 million sports injuries that occur annually, a majority do not require surgery, and are not too serious, according to the Mayo Clinic.

One of the most effective ways to combat injuries, according to experts, is to pay attention to your body.For parents, this can often mean talking to your child and asking them how their bodies are feeling. And for athletes, that means being honest with yourself about your own pain and discomfort.

Early treatment often prevents longstanding health problems.

One way to prevent injuries is to take on another sport. That's right. Playing different sports each season can help you train different muscle areas and keep you in shape for the following season. Having the proper gear will do wonders in preventing injuries as well. In basketball, that means having good shoes and following good sports technique.

And as always, one of the keys to not getting hurt starts with what you put into your body. Staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet will do wonders in keeping your body strong, and preventing your risk of injury.

Source: Mayo Clinic

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