So What You Lost? Get Over It, Try Again.

You practiced, you prepared, but come game day - you lost.

Yes, it hurts knowing you didn't win, but losing a game can be a good thing. This is because after a loss you have choice - you can either accept that you lost a game and move on, or you can use that feeling of defeat to fuel your comeback and try harder to win the next game.

The choice is yours.

Kobe Braynt once said, "When you hate to lose and you lose a game, it eats at you." And he's right, losing doesn't feel food and those who have a competitive drive, will take a lose as an opportunity to work harder. They will figure out what they could have done differently during the game and they will work to improve weak aspects of their performance.

Being an athlete requires a person to really be hones with themselves about their strengths and weaknesses. And a loss is great time to visit some of your shortcoming and to make sure that they don't get the best of you during the next game.

So when you lose a game - and it happens to the best athletes - use it as an opportunity to challenge yourself to get better. You can feel the pain of the loss, because it can be painful, but don't sit with it too long. There's always another game, and another chance to shine. Giving up, and accepting defeat regularly is not an option.

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