Roadblocks -- How to Get Around Them

You know those days when you just don't want to train, or even play in a game? When you're just a little too tired to move forward.

That lack of motivation, or desire, can be tough to get by sometimes. So if you find yourself in a slump there are some steps you can take.

1. Check in with yourself

Be honest with yourself about your emotions, and write them down or have a conversation with yourself in your head. Reflect on how your last practice or a game went, how you feel about your performance and what you want to change for next time. Think about your emotions, your goals and what you want to change or keep doing.

2. Make a Goal

You may need something to work towards to keep you excited about playing -- so many a new goal for yourself and make that your new focus. If you're currently working towards a goal, and just feel stuck in the process, it could be wise to take a step back, and reflect on what new steps you can take to reach your goal.

3. Team Up

Training with a friend or teammate can make the process more fun, and keep you into it -- especially if you're competitive.

4. Talk it Out

Find someone you trust and vent our your feelings to them. This can be a coach, parent or a friend who will let you speak without judgement. Oftentimes some guidance from a trusted person can help keep you motivated to push forward.

5. Mix Up Your Routine

Although it's good to have a solid routine for training, it can get boring. If you're lacking motivation, try coming up with a new routine to keep things fresh. Be sure to incorporate some times for self care and reflection into your new routine as well -- it'll help you feel restored.

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