Keeping Your Head in the Game

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

We are more than three months into this pandemic and we have to admit, staying motivated isn't always easy. Without the routine of the "before times" it's a bit harder to stay mentally in the game. But there are steps you can take to keep your passion of basketball going during these times.

Make a Routine - Setting a start time for your basketball routine will help keep you on track. This means making a deal with yourself to train on set days of the week, and planning out what workouts you will do on those set days. Sticking to a routine will help make training feel more effortless.

Stay Connected - You may not be able to train with your teammates like before, but that doesn't mean you have to lose touch. Check-in with people on your team, talk about their routines and see if you can do a digital training session together. This may make working out seem less isolating.

Work on Your Weaknesses - Maybe your free throws weren't that great during the regular season, or you need your mental toughness needs improvements -- whatever your area of weakness was, this is the time to work on it. Take this time to develop your skills so you can come back stronger once the season starts.

Eat Healthy - We know it's easy to get into the habit of eating junk food while on lockdown - and while it's OK to indulge sometimes, it's also a good idea to get some healthy fruits and veggies into your daily eating routine. Also, make sure you're getting enough water, especially if you are training outside.

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