Equality of Fun

For years there was a myth in the sports community that girls play sports for the social aspects and boys do it because they're into competition. That could not be further from the truth.

A new study by George Washington University finds boys and girls play sports for the same reasons. They value hard work, being active and teamwork. And this holds true of athletes of all ages and across competitive levels.

This isn't to say there aren't any difference in what makes sports fun for different people.

Young athletes feel it's more important to have a coach who allows them to play different positions. They also want to play different sports more than older athletes. Enrolling in different sports throughout the year could be a way to acknowledge this desire in youth athletes.

For all athletes, playing in organized sports will help keep them active, and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Which is critical to their long term health. According to the World Health Organization a majority of children worldwide do not get them recommended recommended hour of a daily exercise. This puts them at risk of obesity, depression and cardiovascular diseases - along with other illnesses.

Ensuring sports are fun and children are engaged is one way to keep them in the game and to improve their quality of life.

Source: Science Daily

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