Coaches, Players and Egos

Players and coaches are unique bonds, and requires respect and open communication.

This isn't always easy if you feel as if your talents are being overlooked, or that opportunities aren't coming to you. Coaches are often uses as scapegoats for everything good and bad that happens in an athlete's career. The truth is - your coach is on your side, and since they're in charge of the team their job is to get the best out of every athlete, This makes having a strong relationship with your coach critical for your own success, and for the future of the team as whole.

In short -- sometimes, you just gotta check your ego with your coach.

Look at the NBA.

Every finals season the stars of the two teams tend to have strong relationships with their coach. They trust each other, and this willingness to put egos aside for the good of the team tends to yield good results.

Take a look at the San Antonio Spurs. Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich have one of the best player-coach bonds in sports. Same can be said about Steph curry and Steve Kerr with the Golden State Warriors. These athletes know they're some of the best talents in the game -- they also know that it takes collaboration, not ego, to win a ring in the NBA.

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