post game

Basketball Players

Once that final buzzer sounds, and the game is over, your post game routine starts.


Be Thankful: You got to play a game you love and have a good time doing it - that's a huge privilege. After every game, take a moment to remember why it's such an honor to play the game. 

Acknowledge Others: Your teammates put a lot of work into practices and games – be sure to acknowledge that work. Win or lose, you are part of a team. That means every one wins together and everyone loses together. Make sure you teammates know you have their backs


Plan Ahead: There are lessons in every game, take the lessons learn from them. For example, if you notice your shooting is off during a game, or that you're not passing effectively, make a note of it, and practice on those skills during the week. Post game is the perfect time to reflect.


Recover: After a game your body needs to recover. Sleep is a major part of the recovery process.  A solid eight hours of rest can help prevent any injuries.

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