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The Next Step Training program is designed to guide and motivate athletes reach to play at their full potential.  

As coaches, we believe it’s our job to provide players with the tools they need to be successful. That means giving them a physical training routine that’s tailored to their needs. We’re committed to motivating our athletes with mindset training, and making sure they have the strength to get through games with sound nutritional advice.  


Graduates of our program have not only gone on to play in college and at the professional level, but they’ve also become successful leaders within their communities.

As life-long athletes, we want to provide the next generation the resources we didn’t have growing up. We can’t tell you how many times our coaches in high school, and college, would bring the team to a greasy fast-food joint before games. Back then, mindset training wasn’t stressed, neither was balancing sports and life. 

We want more for our players.

The NST coaching staff consists of professional and retired athletes, who bring their own unique style, and skill-set to the table. Our team committed to inspiring all of our athletes to become the best versions of themselves and making sure they feel supported on our court. 

Dwayne & Gabe Pean

Founders / Coaches 

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