There’s a  small window of time after a game that gives you the best chance to replenish your body so you can rebuild you muscles. 


That window opens immediately after you finish your activity and closes after about an hour or two. Since the amount of protein you need  depends on your weight -- about 0.11 grams of protein for every pound you weigh -- everyone's needs will be different.


After a Game

Eating a moderate amount of protein post exercise is enough to help you recover. Eating anything more don't do much help. 

After a game or practice try to eat some recovery proteins such as whey or milk. Studies have also shown eating protein about every three to four hours throughout the day is best for anyone playing sports. Eating protein should not be done in place of carbohydrates, your body need both to function properly. 

An example of a breakfast and snack containing 20g of protein:


• ½ cup of oatmeal

• 1 large eggs

• 8 oz of skim milk

Total Protein: 20g


• 1 granola bar

• 1 oz of almonds

• ½ cup of Greek yogurt

Total Protein: 20g

Before Bed

Before heading to bed, it's recommended that athletes eat a protein rich snack, such as a glass of milk, yogurt or cottage cheese. Doing this will also help you recover faster from practices and games. 

Sources: Cincinnati Children's and USAB

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