injury prevention

With basketball one of the most common injuries occur to the feet and legs. Here are some ways to improve your ankle strength and improve your balance -- both skills can help prevent injuries while you're on court. 

  • Warm up - A warming up helps get your body ready for exercise by slowly increasing your heart rate and loosing your muscles and joints. Some ways to warm up include a light jog for five to ten minutes, jumping rope or riding a bike

  • Stretching - Stretching your muscles before and after  working out helps with flexibility and preventing injury. Try to hold your stretches for about 30-60 seconds and complete three repetitions for each stretch.  


  • Hydrate and Eat Well-  Eating the drink foods and drinking plenty of water are the keys to keeping your body strong. 

  • Recovery - This is essential for getting the most out of your  training program.  Make sure to factor in time to rest.

  • Listen to Your Body - If something hurts, stop doing it. Don't push your body too far, or you can risk getting injured.  


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