GAME time

You’ve prepared all week – now it’s your time to apply everything you’ve learned during practice. 

Here are some tips to staying sharp while playing. 

Focus: Stay in the moment. Keep your concentration centered around the game you’re playing. Don't allow outside distractions - such as screaming crowds, and other players - take your attention away from the game. Focus on the one thing you can always control during a game – which is yourself. 

Be Nice: Don't underestimate the power of being nice during a game. People tend to perform better when they're being encouraged, so a simple "good job" can go a long way in lifting your teammates up. Negative thoughts can cost you a game and create barriers between you and your teammates. 

Have Fun: You’re out there to play a game, and win or lose it’s about having a good time. If you keep the fun-factor in the game you’re way more likely to enjoy yourself on the court.

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