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Dwayne Pean co-founded Next Step Training to help inspire the next generation of student athletes.


Growing up on military bases afforded Dwayne the opportunity to play sports around the country, and to learn life lessons on the court and field. While playing basketball in middle school, he caught the eye of a local high school coach who encouraged him to continue his athletic career. Dwayne played basketball throughout high school and lead his team to its first all-state win, and was named MVP three times. He also played key positions on his school's baseball, football, and track teams. 

Dwayne's athleticism earned him a basketball scholarship, and he attended Batron College in North Carolina where he played point guard. While in college, Dwayne earned an MVP title for his role in his team's record-breaking season an NCAA tourney bid.

Dwayne is currently working in the medical sales industry and continues to play basketball and football in local leagues.  

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